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Lake Creek


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Lake Creek Cannabis is a family owned and operated recreational cannabis cultivation and wholesale company based in the pristine forests of Lake Creek, Oregon. Our family boasts many years of combined growing experience to provide over 20 flower strains of the highest quality cannabis for the most distinguishing dispensaries and customers.


Founded in 2016, Lake Creek Cannabis has been an intrinsic part of Oregon’s new and growing recreational cannabis industry, helping to grow the industry in the safest and most environmentally sustainable way possible. All our products are laboratory-tested to ensure the most standardized, safe, and consistent product available.


We are committed to locally sourced and naturally grown, great-tasting, high-quality marijuana. We are passionate about making our local community safer and more responsible, being good stewards of land and water, and bringing people together.


Lake Creek Cannabis is not a giant, disconnected corporation, and we’ve rejected new environmentally unsustainable technologies and facilities to focus on growing cannabis the old-fashioned way, the way mother nature intended, and we have been well rewarded. Blessed by the sun, natural soil, and fresh air, our natural marijuana flowers develop a distinct flavor and essence, which large sterile corporate facilities can never compete with.


We are family owned and operated, a team of marijuana enthusiasts, just like you, committed to sustainable and natural growing techniques to ensure the safest and highest quality product possible for our customers and our environment. Our facilities are small, ensuring each and every plant gets individualized care and attention to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety.


We believe the world is ready to end a century of cannabis prohibition, and we are dedicated to enhancing peoples lives and providing recreational cannabis consumers the best possible experience, while also setting the industry standard in sustainability, exploring new innovations and potential applications, and improving our local community.